What is it?

The sampling of airborne asbestos fibres to:

  • aid in the assessment of risk
  • evaluate control measures when removing asbestos
  • provide clearance for an asbestos removals site to be deemed fit for re-occupancy
  • estimate employee exposure

Your obligations

  • Under Work Health and Safety (WHS) law, asbestos air monitoring is required, during and after the removal of any quantity of friable asbestos (friable asbestos is asbestos containing material that can be pulverised by hand when dry).
  • For non-friable (or bonded) asbestos removal , air monitoring is considered good occupational hygiene practice and is usually conducted.

How can we help?

Under WHS law, a licensed asbestos assessor must undertake asbestos air monitoring associated with friable removals.

We can provide a licensed asbestos assessor with extensive experience in:

  • conducting detailed air monitoring reports
  • providing reliable and accurate asbestos clearance certificates